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The Mindo Cloud Forest is a unique eco-system in Ecuador that’s known worldwide for its biodiversity and birding. The lush subtropical forest provides a mystical environment to roam around and pursue adventure, in addition to finding many species of birds.

It is birdwatching in Mindo that tends to be a major draw to the area. Yet there are so many more incredible things to do within the Mindo Cloud Forest that even non-birding travelers can have several days’ worth of fun.

What is the Mindo Cloud Forest?

Location of Mindo on map of EcuadorMindo, Ecuador is part of a cloud forest ecosystem, which is characterized by the persistent low-lying clouds that deliver lots of moisture and hence thick plant growth. Located along the lower slopes of the Pichincha Volcano, Mindo’s dense and misty forest canopy is full of life and particularly birds!

Mindo, Ecuador, is one of the premier birding destinations in the world! More than 500 different types of birds have been spotted here in Mindo. In fact, Mindo regularly holds the annual world record for the most bird species counted within a 24-hour period.

The biodiversity in Mindo doesn’t end with its many bird species. The Mindo Cloud Forest is also known for its numerous butterflies, orchids, and bromeliads. Meanwhile, Andean bears, capuchin monkeys, and even rare pumas all call Mindo their home.

With the cloud forest’s many accolades, it is a great place to add to any Ecuador travel itinerary. Yet Mindo is a must-visit travel destination in Ecuador for nature loversLow-lying clouds descend into the dense forest canopy of the Mindo Cloud Forest

Mindo’s cloud forest setting provides for an incredibly scenic backdrop for the many adventure activities that abound here. Ziplining, river tubing, mountain biking, and canyoning are just a few thrills that adventure seekers can partake in.

It’s not all adrenaline-inducing action though. Mindo’s calmer activities such as touring a chocolate factory, visiting a butterfly farm, night walks, and, of course, birdwatching, provide for more tranquil reprieves that can be great excursions for families too. Really, there’s something for everyone. But Mindo is not just for all the amazing birds!

Birdwatching in Mindo is the premier activity in the region, given the biodiversity of birds that flourish in this area. There are hundreds of species of birds found throughout the Mindo Valley! Even for those not into birding, Mindo can be a perfect place to give it a try, given all the birds found here. Some bird species people travel to Mindo to find include many varieties of toucans, parrots, quetzals, and even umbrellabirds!

Yet one of the most sought-after birds to spot in Mindo is the Andean cock-of-the-rock, also known locally as gallo de la peña. This unusual bird has looks that are just as interesting its name. The cock-of-the-rock is particularly known for its early-morning lek, which is when the males perform a competitive courting ritual to impress the females. To actually witness the lek, it’s necessary to be brought by our expert brings visitors to secret spots where these birds are

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